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Is SEO an inexact science?

This is not often asked questions, but this statement usually appears in the discussion.

But that is not true.


SEO is an Exact Science

  • Google and other search engines have algorithms to rank websites in search results.
  • That is, the ranking is not random. But some factors cause a website to be ranked at the top and why a website is penalized
  • SEO is an exact science because machines are running with an exact science
  • If there is a statement “inexact science” search engines frequently update, but for SEO, it is an exact science
  • If you want to create a high ranking website/content, there are things you can do
  • And we are not just hoping for uncertainty.
Why is it that when I ask questions about SEO, the answers I always get are different?
  • There are many paths to SEO.
  • To be able to get rank 1 in search engines, not everyone uses the same method.
  • Search engines always have an update every time.
  • Even though they are different, it doesn’t mean one of them is wrong.
  • But because this is the internet, so you shouldn’t just believe what other people say. When learning new things, think logically.
  • After that, try it yourself.

Not all strategies are suitable for all types of websites.

Why my website is not indexed yet? How do you get indexed?
  • We need to clarify first because many are wrong with this term. Many think being indexed means that they have entered page 1 for the keywords they want.
  • No, indexed means your website is already in a search engine (even though on 100th rank).
  • To check, use the keyword site:
  • If there is a result, it means that it has been indexed.
  • Meanwhile, it means that it has not been indexed (new website) or has been penalized if there is no.
  • Then, what must be done so that your new website is indexed?
  • You can enter your website into the google console, don’t forget to enter your sitemap there.

Generally, automatically after 1-2 days after registering, your website domain will be indexed.